Friday, September 17, 2010

?!? wtf women ?!?

Ok so why is it that when we are at our worst women want us? Seriously It goes against everything they say they want/like.

For example, today I woke up late. I had no time to get ready threw on yesterdays cloths and didnt clean up. no shower, no deoderant, no toothbrushing, and I smell abit like sex from earlier events.

I run to the airport to grab my delivery and the women at the counter is all friendly and wants to like chat it up and stuff. Mind you this women has been nothing but a cold bitch to me for 3 months now so WTF.

Next I get to the theater to drop off the delivery. As I'm waiting a women walks by with her baby stops and asks if i need a hand. I mean seriously whats she gonna do that I can't she's like 120 pounds with a baby strapped to her chest. Anywho I say no she smiles and walks away.

I get into the theater and the girl i deliver it to thanks me for getting there so fast. I was 30 mins late and she goes onto tell me how she loves my tattoo which is a black band on my finger. I tell her its my wedding ring. Her eyes light up and she asks all about my marrage. I'm thinking I'm safe now I'm about to walk out go home and shower.

I was wrong she asks for help bringing it up to the projection booth. I'm a nice person so I help and she asks if I've seen a projector booth. I slip and say I was a projectionist before. 20 mins later she asks for help getting the reals set up to slice the film. I wanted to leave but she made it clear she was a new at this. I help as much as I can and she gets all handsy. i.e. giggling at every possable thing I say and touching me as she passes and calling babe and hon.

So soon as shes set I bolt she was asking If i was busy or something but I was out the door before she even finished the sentence.

So now I'm stinky and sweaty from nerves and being in a hot tiny projection booth and up comes the lady with the baby she offers me a water and asks if id like to join her at a cafe down the street.
I say no and as I walk away she says "I really like your ring tattoo"

So seriously WTF women why?

Is it the fact that I stink or the fact that I'm avoiding you that makes you want my attention?

Is it the fact that I'm married gives you some kind invite to automatically be my friend? does that fact make you really feel that safe around me? or are you trying to test my faith to my wife?

WTF this isn't my imagination why women why always when it's the most akward why do you hit on me then

looking forward to any comments on the matter plz tell me I'm not just crazy
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  1. i hear ya bro

    showin my support, come do the same and learn some SC2 tips!

  2. f*ckin b*itches! lol. women are scandalous like that.

  3. woman are to complicated all the time :D


  4. I used to put in effort when it came to girls, and they'd ignore the shit out of me. I finally get sick of trying and walk around for less than a week with a 'fuck it' attitude, and BAM. All of a sudden I'm attractive or some shit.

    I don't get it at all.

  5. you said it yourself

    "that I'm avoiding you that makes you want my attention? "

    yea thats pretty much it

  6. Basically, the best way to get girls is to put no effort in at all, so you're a challenge. Else you'll just be the fall back guy that she knows she can go to if all else fails.

  7. They need to make a woman manual!!!

  8. maybe its exactly dat smell that attracts them.
    we´re still animals.. we just forgot bout it..